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Burnaby Greens Fun Raiser  

Make Life Affordable

This is what's missing in Burnaby today. We feel that the current City Government has been in power so long that they've forgotten why they are there. After having been complacently in power for so long the current BCA led Burnaby City Hall has:

  • Lost touch with it's Citizens and their best interests
  • Lost purpose as it clearly has no new ideas in how to improve the City 
  • Lost accountability as evidenced by their indulgence in overseas junkets and other tax-payer funded perks

Common Sense and Compassion

We are a group of Burnaby Citizens that are committed to restoring common sense, compassion and a balanced representation at City Hall for all Citizens.

This is what we will fight for:

  • Tax relief for homeowners
  • Affordable housing
  • Stop the demo-victions
  • Help for our most vulnerable citizens
  • A city hall that listens to all
  • A more sustainable & greener city

Authorized by Financial agent  Carrie McLaren

Burnaby Greens Fun Raiser



Making and accepting campaign contributions

The following are rules for making and accepting campaign contributions:
There is an annual campaign contribution limit. For 2018 it is $1,200. Eligible individuals can give a combined maximum of $1,200 to an elector organization and its candidates. This limit includes any loans made by an eligible individual to an elector organization.
Eligible Individual : An individual who is a resident of British Columbia and a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

  • Campaign contributions must be made to the financial agent or an individual authorized by the financial agent.
  • Only eligible individuals may make campaign contributions and financial agents and authorized individuals may only accept contributions from eligible individuals.
  • Campaign contributions of money received by an elector organization must be deposited into the correct campaign account. This means contributors must advise the elector organization which campaign they are contributing to (e.g., municipal campaign or the school district campaign). If the financial agent cannot determine which campaign the contribution is for, they must contact the contributor.
  • Financial agents and authorized individuals must ensure that contributions received from eligible individuals do not exceed the contribution limit.
  • When accepting a campaign contribution, the financial agent, or authorized individual, must record the value, the date the contribution was made and the required contributor information.
  • Contributors must provide information so that financial agents can meet their legal disclosure requirements.
  • Donated (in-kind) property or services must be assigned a market value, recorded and disclosed in the same way as contributions of money.

Crowdfunding, or crowdsourcing, through the Internet for campaign contributions is also permitted. The crowdfunding system must require the contributor to provide the value, the date the contribution was made and the required contributor information including their residential address, so the financial agent can record it. Anonymous contributions cannot be collected over the Internet.