Property Tax Relief

The BCA would have you believe that they are competent managers of our city finances. In fact the continuously pat themselves on the back for having a $1.3 Billion surplus. That's billion with a "B" folks!

This would be great if they were able to do this without raising property taxes 3-5% year   after year. If this was happening in a real business all of these people would be fired for incompetence.

This is not fiscal competence but a complete failure to properly plan annual expenditure and budget accordingly. 

This is not fiscal competence but a form of over taxation!

This is money that you or I as citizens should have in our bank accounts not have it sit in City coffers.

This is money that our senior citizens - many who are property-rich but income poor, should have access to in their golden years.

Instead the BCA has been taking these funds from citizens with no clear purpose for them. Why has the surplus ballooned to $1.3 billion? Why hasn't it been allocated to any municipal improvement projects? Several reasons:

  • The funds were collected as excess because they can - you get used to tax increases every year
  • The funds had no projects to be allocated to because this tired old BCA team has no new ideas to spend the money on
  • The funds were collected to create an illusion of fiscal management

The Burnaby Green Party Pledge:

We will institute a Two-Year Property Tax Freeze.

There will be no increase in your property taxes for 2019-2020

  • Taxes will be frozen at the 2018 rates
  • City Hall will learn to live within its means
  • City Hall will learn to budget according to actual planned projects & expenditures